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Creator 2018

I couldn't find the right banking app for me, so I made my own. Her name is Betty and she's here to splurge.

The Goal

No one associates banking with fun, well nobody you know. The goal of Betty was to do just that.

The Goal

Let's talk about the pig in the room.

Betty is quirky, carefree, and totally outrageous.

The Pig

Why a pig?

The only way to make financial planning approachable and relatable, was to design

a brand mascot that couldn't care less about it! Betty’s priorities are mid-week beach trips, Sunday brunch, and Netflix.

She's not here to impress,

or pick up the bill. Her venmo account is in negative, she doesn't own a credit card, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

We all know a Betty,

and she isn't going to make millions investing in crypto currency this summer.

Betty wants to relate to consumers, not impress them.

Betty Logo-19.png
The App

The App

Betty categorizes spending and shows you where you have room to indulge.

You bought it? Betty loves it.

And she'll let you know with friendly push notifications.

This one's on Betty.

Buy with betty, and she might just return the favor with special deals at your favorite spots.

Split the bill with betty.

The more people that share the splurge, the bigger the discount for everyone.

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