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I made this short film to promote the Mill Design Studio,
starring two funky characters and one quirky new friendship.

C4D, Marvelous Designer, Procreate, Ae

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Say hello to Lydia
the extroverted and unconcerned free-spirit

COMP (00762).jpg

Say hello to Audrey
the quiet and conscientious bookworm

COMP (00082).jpg

Our imaginary chocolate brand masters funky packaging 
with a slogan that echoes the main theme of ‘Chocolate’:
Embrace Weird.

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COMP (01062).jpg

Client: Mill Design Studio
Director: Brian O'Donnell
Design/Modeling/Rigging/Animation: Brian O'Donnell
'Coco Loco' Branding: Amy Staropoli, Fionna Lanning
Voice Talent: Aisyah
Sound Design: Brian O'Donnell
Advisement: Mike Schaeffer, Thomas Heckel, Fionna Lanning