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Writing, Design, Animation, 2019

Gun violence prevention starts on our block.


Like bricks in a house, every individual effort is crucial to making New York strong.

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Life of the Block presents the power of community through the perspective of 5 fictional characters who’s lives have been impacted by gun violence.

Connection is crucial.


Getting involved in NYC's
anti gun-violence programs means getting connected

to an entire city of support.

This motif was explored with

a dashed line. From youth to mentor, from victim to hero, from bystander to leader, this is the power of connection.

Stories are informed.

Informed by actual OPGV program participant experiences. Their lives, their boroughs, their blocks. This was the story we told, this was the soul of our characters.

Process meets product.


Our, "Youth experts," were able to learn about video production, and make key character and story choices throughout the production timeline.

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