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Writer, Director, Designer, 2023

Written and Directed by Brian O'Donnell, 
'The Very VERY First Christmas' is a dazzling dive into classic holiday charm. Our team collaborated under only one rule: Imperfect is perfect.

The Film

The story of The Very VERY First Christmas stemmed from a single idea:
A star shaped pterodactyl standing on the top of a Christmas Tree.

From there, it was simply a matter of finding other inspired and curious designers to work in collaboration to make this funky little film in just a month

Making Of


Written and Directed by Brian O'Donnell

Producer Katharine Mulderry

Editor / Creative Development Al Benoit

Creative Resource Manager Taylor McDade

Lead Layout Design Salmah Beydoun

Lead Character Design Yuri Byun

CG Lead Eddie Livingstone

Animation Brian O'Donnell, Yuri Byun

Cloud Simulation Akshay Tiwari
Cloud Look Dev Devin Hayes

Material Look Dev Morad Enayet

Cel Animation Amy Staropoli

Matte Painting Tara Holland, Kris Sharabinskaia