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Collaboration and Character Animation

I worked with the Mill Design Studio to bring original illustrations
by Ignasi Monreal to life for Zara's Spring Summer '22 Collection.

The Mill employed a team of 2D animators and C4D artists
to create a dimensional and life-like animated 'Zaraverse.'

I was responsible for character animation, humans and creatures alike. 

The Resident Zara Zoologist

I was responsible for the majority of creatures and
critters showcased in Zara's Spring Summer 22 campaign.

A mix of traditional PS cel animation and after effects magic
was used to create sleek and subtle flourishes of natural life.



Agency: Baron & Baron
Producer: Jacques del Conte
Creative Director: Fabien Baron
Creatives: Christophe Derigon
Account Director: Adelaide Francois-Poncet



Directed and painted by Ignasi Monreal


Production: Mill Direction
Creative Director: Mike Schaeffer
Executive Producer: TJ Sponzo & Katie Tricot
Producer: Sheila Lobo
Production Coordinator: Cath Daly



Design: The Mill Design Studio

Art Director: Fionna Mariani

Designers: Devin Hayes, Brian O'Donnell, Christopher Szeto, Eddie Livingstone, & Salmah Beydoun


Editors: Ryan McKenna & Al Benoit

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