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Designer, Animator, 2022

I worked with the Mill Design Studio to bring original illustrations by Ignasi Monreal to life for Zara's Spring Summer '22 Collection. Our team of 2D animators and C4D artists united to seamlessly blend flourishes of wildlife and parallaxing camera moves.

The birds and the bees.

I led our team's approach to creatures and critters showcased in Zara's Spring Summer 22 campaign.
A mix of traditional PS cel animation and after effects magic was used to create sleek and subtle flourishes of natural life.



Agency: Baron & Baron
Producer: Jacques del Conte
Creative Director: Fabien Baron
Creatives: Christophe Derigon
Account Director: Adelaide Francois-Poncet



Directed and painted by Ignasi Monreal


Production: Mill Direction
Creative Director: Mike Schaeffer
Executive Producer: TJ Sponzo & Katie Tricot
Producer: Sheila Lobo
Production Coordinator: Cath Daly



Design: The Mill Design Studio

Art Director: Fionna Mariani

Designers: Devin Hayes, Brian O'Donnell, Christopher Szeto, Eddie Livingstone, & Salmah Beydoun


Editors: Ryan McKenna & Al Benoit

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